Frank Vieira releases new single “Ready. Set. Life.”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

To say the last year of Frank’s life was transformative for him is honestly not even big enough to encompass what he has experienced. Let’s start with his personal life; Frank welcomed a new addition to his family in the form of a bouncing baby boy in spring of 2018. On top of all the changes fatherhood ushered into his life Frank was busy in his musical career as well.

Frank independently released his second song to country radio, “Fill It Up”. This song helped him gain a lot more traction with radio spins coming from as far as Texas (peaking at 89 on the charts). On the heels of his most impactful release to date, Frank knew he had to come back with another song that people could fall in love with. That leads us to his newest single “Ready. Set. Life.”

The song plays like an adulthood starter pack (hmm that gives us a meme idea) detailing the whole story from that first smile in college, all the way to sharing the creation of a new life.  It’s one man’s love story set to song but it is so easy to relate to.

For Frank, this is a real life story, right down to the 3 CVS tests in the second verse. The song shares the sentiment of always being there for the one you love, mixed with a hook that will keep you coming back for more.

So without further ado check out Frank’s new track and make sure to give him a follow on INSTAGRAM to keep up with his music as well as seeing what “Ready. Set. Life.” (The Remix) might have in store for him in a few years.



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