Roses & Cigarettes Singer, Jenny Pagliaro Passes Away at 35

The music community is mourning the loss of Jenny Pagliaro, lead singer of LA-based Roots-Rock band Roses & Cigarettes. Jenny passed away from Stage IV breast cancer on March 26th. In losing Jenny, they’ve lost a unique, strong, and talented kick-ass woman. This is no secret especially because of the dedication Jenny put into completing their latest album, Echoes & Silence. She was in the studio day in and day out with bandmate Angela Petrilli along with producers and musicians to create the album. Jenny wanted to make sure this album came out with gusto.

“Music is a driving force in my life ever since I was a little girl so for me when I got sick and looked at what my bucket goals were most of them revolved around performing and writing,” Jenny said.  

An inspiration that drove her to write a song on the album about her battle with Stage IV Breast Cancer. “Fast As I Can” is about not giving up and fighting like hell to make your dreams come true. The music video chronicles different parts of Jenny’s journey from chemo treatments to car rides with Angela. It’s a real insight into Jenny as a person and her passion for music.

“There are times that I was tired and just did not want to go to the studio or anything, but I tried to push through because you want to be there for the creation of your album. I think that was hard having to balance energy, but inspiration keeps me going,” Jenny said.


We had the amazing opportunity to chat with Jenny & Angela about the album, Echoes & Silence back in February. Below is our interview.


Roses & Cigarettes Newest Album: Echoes & Silence

Echoes & Silence feels like someone took your diary and put it to music. Finding it hard to describe that person you just can’t quit – go listen to, “Back to You” and there you have it.

The lyrics and melodies throughout the album are raw and emotional, which is exactly how the duo Roses & Cigarettes can be described.


Pinpointing who Jenny & Angela are as simple as describing an “infinity sign.” They feed off one another and finish each other thoughts that only two people can when they spend hours upon hours together creating art. This is exactly what they recently finished doing with their new album, Echoes and Silence.

‘All the songs on Echoes & Silence blend beautifully together. We’re really proud of that” Angela said.

Oh yes – a beautiful blend of raw, real, and soulful sounds.

Just as Jenny and Angela create an amazing flow together so is the case with the sound on this album. Everything from roots, rock, blues, and Americana are weaved throughout the songs.

“We write everything together, but one person usually comes up with the concept. We wanted to make sure that the vibe matched what was in our head for each song,” the duo said.

Do you remember that finishing each other’s thoughts thing we just talked about? That’s exactly what happened when asked what each other favorite song off the album is. Jenny told us Angela’s is “Echoes & Silence” and Angela told us Jenny’s is “Feel The Fire.”

The duo describes “Echoes & Silence” as Angela’s baby. She came up with the concept in her head and the song grew and morphed from there. It’s about being lost and looking for a way to find yourself. You get the feeling that something’s off, but you don’t know the cause: “Things are changing now. Once was a light, turned out somehow.” It’s unlike anything we’ve heard lately. It makes you stop in your tracks because it’s dripping with raw emotions. There’s an uneasiness to it lyrically and rhythmically, which can be attributed to the duo’s harmony and guitar skills. The duo’s harmony is amazing on it and you can just feel how connected they were when recording it.

Jenny says she heard the whole production of “Feel The Fire” in her head like a dream. You can hear the passion and roughness in Jenny’s voice as soon as she lets out those beginning “ohs.” This song perfectly describes that tug of war with the one you love. There’s fire, fear, and urgency and games are played: “I can’t wait any longer. I can see it’s getting stronger. Hold on tight. Don’t let go.”

“We didn’t cut any corners. We really made sure that every song sounded the way that we wanted it to and we really had that time in the studio to make sure the songs were the best they could be,” Angela said.

These songs capture the essence of Jenny including her fierceness, talent, and bravery. Roses & Cigarettes is Jenny Pagliaro and Echoes & Silence are her final words to the world.


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