Hamler Country Fest (Ohio) celebrates 10 years with headliners Dylan Schneider, Adam Doleac and Jon Langston

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

It all started with a country music fan base hungry for something to call their own. Somewhere for a great community to share their love for country music. Let’s start by telling you about Hamler, Ohio itself.
Hamler is a small rural farming community with a population of 600 people. In 2009, a private individual booked some well-known country musicians and held the first Hamler Country Festival. That idea and original festival was the catalyst for what is now a 10 year running festival servicing the community of Hamler country music fans.
A committee was formed by friends and neighbors who grew up in the area to continue on this festival. This group of friends decided to continue the Hamler Country Fest in 2010 nad has been booking local, regional and national acts annually. This group effort had turned this event into a success. Each year the festival has drawn larger crowds and seen increasing financial stability, allowing for expansion and for future years to continue on. In addition to the yearly festival, the committee raises funds throughout the year by holding monthly BBQs, selling food at area festivals and fairs, and catering local events, such as auctions and weddings.
All proceeds from the festival go towards the benefit of the Hamler Community Park. The Park is home to both the Hamler Summerfest (July) and the Hamler Country Fest (May). In addition to these events, area churches use the park grounds for festivals; local organizations such as the Cub Scouts, Hamler Men’s Club and Hamler Ladies’ Wide Awake Club hold their meetings and events at the facilities; youth baseball programs use the ball diamond; the American Red Cross uses the building for blood mobiles; the Fire Department uses the grounds to test their equipment; a recycling program is coordinated a few times a year at the park; area children enjoy Easter egg hunts, Halloween parties and other holiday events; and the public rents space for weddings, birthdays, graduations, benefits and numerous family events. The sole purpose of the organization is to put on a great show for our community and benefit the Hamler Community Park in any way possible.
This year’s Hamler Country Fest lineup includes the following, along with a memorabilia auction each night before the headliner:
Friday May 17th (gates at 5:30 PM) – $15 Admission
Ashley Klein (National Anthem)
Shifferly Road
Madeline McDonald
Nashville Crush
Dylan Schneider
Saturday May 18th (gates open at 2:30 PM) – $20 Admission
Kaela Prigge (National Anthem)
Dylan Raymond
Bailey Callahan
Hastings & Co.
Open Solo Spot
Brent Lowry
Wes Garcia “The Kid”
Adam Doleac
Jon Langston
Hamler offers backstage passes for $70 each, which includes food/beverage plus access to any available meet & greets. Camping sites are available for $120 which includes two tickets to each day.
There is on-site merchandise and food vendors, hold a cornhole tournament on Saturday, and lots more! You can check out their website at http://www.hamlercountryfest.com for more information on tickets, HCF merchandise, and lineup details.
Follow them on Twitter , Facebook (@hamlermusicfest) & Instagram (@hamlermusicfest).

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