Dustin Huff drops the video for his new single “She’s a Little More Downtown”

Nick Tressler
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The pride of Gaynorsville Indiana, Ole Huff aka Dustin Huff just gave us what quite possibly may be your new favorite song.

Dustin gave us a little backstory on this track, “I had the chorus for about 5 months and I called Wyatt McCubbin and was like bro I’m only writing this with you”.  Boy are we glad he did.

The track tells the tale of lost love with a girl you really knew wasn’t the right fit.  “She’s a little more downtown and I’m a little more down home”, that sentiment really explains the song and knowing that things just didn’t fit quite right.  Lest, the heart wants what it wants and the pain of heartache doesn’t ease from knowing the love was ill fated from the beginning.

In the video Dustin is accompanied by his friend and oft co-writer Joe Costa of Terra Bella. The acoustic version of the track really gives this song the heart and emotion it deserves so without further ado, give the video a DAMN watch!

The song will hit iTunes and Spotify in the coming weeks so you can add it to your Getting Over You playlist.

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