Cam Spinks proves there’s something in the water down in Alabama with new release

Katelyn Law – Raised Rowdy

Born and raised in Montevallo, Alabama, Cam Spinks is no stranger to country music or a small town way of life. Those southern roots can easily be seen in music and his story telling. Cam has spent several year’s honing his craft of such story telling through his songwriting which began while he was attending college in Birmingham. Cam offers a unique juxtaposition of smooth and gritty that shows his musical range and brings the words in his songs to life.

Cam’s musical inspirations vary from artists such as Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell all the way to Tom Petty. His desire to steer away from mainstream radio is apparent through the depth that he brings to not only to his sound but to his lyrics. On Cam’s latest release, Live at Hilson Studio, Cam shows off his chops from the first song to the last. Cam wrote all four of the songs featured on the project and Sean Power produced the tracks.

The first song off of the EP, “Easier to Miss Her” tells the story of a heartbroken man drowning his sorrows in the bottle. The hook of the song states, “it’s easier to miss her when I’m drunk.” Anyone who has ever felt pain of a lost love can relate to this song and Cam’s need to numb the pain.

In my personal favorite off the EP, “Got it From My Daddy”, Cam sings about the influence that his father has over his life and all the things that he got from him such as his F-150, his love for baseball, and his overall values and way of life.

“Poor Boy’s Fun” is a reminiscent song that highlights the natural grit in Cam’s voice, retelling the stories of a boy having fun without the need for funny. This song especially hits home for me when it talks about crawfishing in the creek. I can recount countless summer days that I spent with my family fishing at the creek behind our house making memories that were ultimately free.

The final song on the project, “Hot in the Sun”, begins with Cam singing about his mother warning him about the girl he brought home. The song is dark and broody, telling listeners about how this girl’s memory is a fire that he just can’t put out.

Live at Hilson Studio proves to be the album that we needed to add to our rotation. The depth and boldness of the sound provides a unique vibe that we will have on repeat for days!!

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