Clay Barker Will Get the Crowd Goin’ with New Single “Hold My Beer”

Bradley Curry – Raised Rowdy Contributor

If you’ve ever listened to Brad Paisley’s “Alcohol,” you know that liquor has different effects on everybody. 65 South artist Clay Barker’s newest single, “Hold My Beer” tells the story of how beer can really get the party going. This is Barker’s first musical release in over a year and gives fans a jam to listen to as summer quickly approaches.

“Hold My Beer” was written by Barker, Tyler Reeve and Cole Taylor who wanted to show how just a few drinks can go a long way into getting the night rolling. The release of this feel-good honky tonk song was celebrated at Birmingham’s Zydeco bar.

Photo by Zac Rogers

2019 will be a big year for Clay Barker, who has already shared the stage with fellow artists Jobe Fortner, Mitchell Tenpenny, and Walker McGuire. Follow Barker on Instagram (@claybarker_music) and Twitter (@claybarkermusic) to stay up to date on new music, show dates, etc. and download “Hold My Beer” on Spotify and iTunes!



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