Meet Timmy Dunn and check out some shots of his recent show he played at Marathon Music works.

Nick Tressler

Raised Rowdy Founder

Timmy Dunn is a name you might not know yet in the country music world. You can check out his bio HERE to get an idea of who Timmy is as an artist.

Timmy recently got the chance to play a pretty cool room in Nashville during the SEC tournament weekend with a few of our favorite fellow Kentucky artists at Marathon Music Works.

Timmy described the experience for us as follows, “Kentucky Takeover was a huge success; Marathon Music works was a stunning place! And, last but not least, Dan Collins of Whiskey Soldier put on an amazing event! I’m blessed to have been included.”

With some of the finest artists you could ask for, it seemed like everyone in attendance had a great time.

I got to meet Timmy during CRS week in Nashville and he is as big of a country music fan as I am. It is really great to get to meet someone that is just as passionate about the musical history as they are about their own music they are creating.  I can’t wait to see what Timmy and his brand of country music develop into.

Timmy is currently working on new music so make sure you keep up with him on his socials and check out his single that he has released.



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