EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Josh Mitcham’s “Pushover”

Nick Tressler – Raised Rowdy Founder

You may be familiar with Josh Mitcham from his fronting duties for Kentucky based country band Jericho Woods. (Don’t worry Josh and the crew have a new record coming soon too!) When Josh told us he was working on a slightly different passion project we were very interested to hear it, once he had it worked out.  The sound is definitely more stripped down and some songs have deeper overtones that take the music towards an Americana sound.

John Prine Painted by Josh Mitcham

Josh is also a successful painter and owner of BigHead Studios. He is a former high school agriculture teacher, but has spent the last five years pursuing art and music full-time. Josh is a devoted husband and father, and resides in his grandparents house on the family farm in Webster, Kentucky.

Josh told us that Jericho Woods has had a record finished for almost a year and he grew restless awaiting it’s release. “I had a bunch of songs and JW already had a full album finished, so I decided to just cut a solo record for the sake of doing the work and keeping my sanity! Lol. I had a few of the JW folks play on it (Paul, Anna and Aaryn) as well as some other folks. My two oldest children contributed as well! I recorded the album at La La Land Studio in Louisville.”
Josh goes on to explain, “The real catalyst for this record was just a desire to try to record the songs in my head just as I was hearing them, without influence. It was a fun project and I am very proud of it”

We get the pleasure of introducing you to track #7 on the new project “Pushover” which tells the tale so familiar to the country world. It is that heart clenching, will defeating, smash my heart into a thousand pieces, love. Josh’s rich vocals and songwriting pour power and emotion into the track. It’s one of those songs that could really help you if you are in a recent situation where you know something is not right but can’t seem to let go.

Josh described the song and where it came from as follows, “The song “Pushover” is something I had written about 6 years ago. It was before we formed JW. It really just speaks to how a person can allow themselves to make believe that things are going a certain way, even though the know they are just being walked over by someone. Super happy track, lol.”

Super happy indeed, Haha. But honestly sometimes the darkest emotions lead you to the brightest heights. That is after you truly find out where you stand. This song can help speak that into truth.  Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

You can preorder the album in anticipation of it’s March 29th release. So make sure to grab it now so you can get your Friday started off with some heartfelt, new Kentucky grown music.

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