Josh Gallagher releases first EP since The Voice finale

NASHVILLE — Josh Gallagher, finalist on Season 11 of NBC’s The Voice, is making a splash with a brand new 6-song EP, set to be released on Friday, March 15.

Gallagher, who Garth Brooks told, “This whole world is going to be listening to you for a long time. You’ve got it,” has been waiting to find the right songs to tell the story about who he is as an artist, and that time has come.

“I really wanted to find a set of songs that were exactly who I want to be,” he said. “I have tons of songs I’ve written, but I wanted to make sure I had the perfect songs for me as an artist on this album.”

With an in-your-face rockin’ country sound, akin to that of Travis Tritt, to a tender-voice track, this EP has it all.

“Everything is completely different,” he said of the songs. “Track 1 hits you in the face, and then Track 2 you kind of understand where you think I’m going, then Track 4 comes out of nowhere.”

His decision to release an EP rather than a full-length record was to hopefully allow these songs to stand on their own. Gallagher plans to release a second EP in the fall, with two single releases between the two projects.

“By putting out two smaller EPs instead of one big album, I am able to let these songs get some extra attention,” he said. “These six songs are some of the best stuff I’ve ever written, and I’m so proud and excited to let my fans hear what we’ve been doing.”

The EP released to the public on March 15 on all digital platforms, but you can hear it in its entirety here:


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