Kasey Tyndall gets everyone “Swingin’ in a citronella breeze” with groovy new single “Wrap Around Porch”

Ryan McDonald – Raised Rowdy Staff Writer

Think back to the last time you were gathered around a campfire in the summer.  The heat, the colors… the intensity of the flames that held your attention to the point of mesmerization.  You partied all night long and it provided a damn solid backdrop to your night.  When you woke up the next morning the party was over but underneath the campfire logs the party was still hot and smoldering just waiting for a slight breeze to whip it back into an inferno and give everyone a reason to start partying again. Kasey provided the fire with singles like “Bar That’s Open” and “Bottle and the Bible”, and the breeze that swept through to relight the flames is her new single “Wrap Around Porch”.

Written by the powerhouse trio of Josh Thompson, Laura Veltz and Jessi Jo Dillon, “Wrap Around Porch” brushes aside all the trappings of what we thought we wanted as kids and reminds of how satisfying just sitting on a porch with your loved one can be.  Nashville’s leather clad firecracker holds nothing back as she brushes aside a Maserati for a kiddy pool and a charcoal grill, set to a twangy beat and a country guitar.

After you listen to one of your new favorite songs below , make sure you check out Kasey on Instagram so you don’t miss out on any of her down home Nashville, by way of North Carolina hijinks.


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