Dustin Lynch has us seriously craving summertime with his new EP, Ridin’ Roads. These 3 songs roll so nicely into each other that it’s the perfect combo for those small town summers. Which is why this is all so amazing because he’s headed out on tour with Thomas Rhett in May for his VERY HOT SUMMER TOUR so you’ll definitely be hearing these tunes this summer.

Dustin has a way of capturing exactly what small-town life is especially those amazing summer nights that can be hard to describe lookin’ back. We couldn’t get enough of these songs so we broke them down for yall below.

Ridin’ Roads” takes us right back to those back road summer drinking nights with that special someone. Dustin paints the night with his real-life lyrics and infuses them with melodies that make you want to hop in your car and hit the dirt road.

Plain and simple it’s that country sound that we all love mixed with a little edge. Dustin wrote “Ridin’ Roads” with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell.

Little Town Livin’” is one of our personal favorites. It’s got this easy beat that makes you want to grab a beer and sway in the summer breeze. The lyrics hold true for anyone who’s grown up in a small town. Not to mention, singing about giving the girl whatever she’s feeling that night:

You can hear the craving in Dustin’s voice of looking back on those nights and know that he’s right back in those adolescent “little town livin’ nights.” Dustin wrote this with Lynch, Ben Hayslip, Zach Crowell, Rhett Akins.

Red Dirt, Blue Eyes” We love how this song just hits you right from the beginning. That beat hits you and you know Dustin’s about to hit you with some slick pickup lines you can get your girl with. This little love song reminds anyone of that summer love that you couldn’t get enough of. Forget that social media, this guy just wants his girl and a red dirt road where he can give her a taste of his romantic side. Dustin wrote this song with Kyle Fishman and Dallas Davidson.



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