Blane Rudd releases the story of every small town “We Lived It”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder who lived a lot and didn’t die

Blane Rudd has written a lot of songs over the years about his eastern Alabama roots, but when he wrote “We Lived It” with his brother Colin, he knew this one was special.

“I feel like, as a songwriter, you often find yourself writing about the trials and tribulations of your own personal life and experiences. Lots of times these songs about the place you grew up are irrelevant and never work, but lots of times you find one that you know that everyone else is going to feel. My little brother brought the idea into the write and it was an easy one for us to grab on to. Every single part of the story is true and it’s usually the common theme if you’re from the place that we grew up. When you live like we did and come out of that town alive it’s a blessing. I think that resonates in every little small town across the south and further.”

Josh Bright brought the production of this song to life and boy did he smash it out of the park. Rocking guitar but really feature’s Blane’s rich vocals. Just a damn killer job.

The things about country music that really makes it powerful is the story and the emotion you can feel in songs.  Even if you didn’t grow up in a small town this song is sure to relate to the struggle of coming of age and raising a little hell. This song ends up being the perfect mix of simple yet vivid ideas and memories.  So put those windows down and start heading down to that painted train trestle bridge, you are going to be listening to this song all year long.

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