Kalsey Kulyk releases heart stopper “More Time”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder

The best songs, well the best country songs at least, come from the deepest parts of our heart. They come to the surface with a mixture of emotions. From love and loss, to heartache and passion, to pain and joyful memories. Often the wordsmiths that craft these tales draw from personal experiences to bear their heart and that is exactly what Kalsey Kulyk did with her recent release of “More Time”.

“More time is a true story about my grandpa. He was diagnosed with cancer and was given about 3 months to live. After his diagnosis he called an didn’t say anything about the news from the doctor. The only thing he said was that he wished that he had more time to spend with me. So after that emotional phone call I sat down on my sofa and wrote the song. I needed to get all of those emotions off my chest.”

Kalsey tells us about her relationship she shared with her Grandpa and that never ending tale of wanting more of the best thing in life — real love. The song is told from the her point of view but with the words that came directly from her grandpa. Words that everyone that has loved, and lost a loved one can feel on a personal level. Heartbreak in the form of a shortened journey and telling your grandchild to complete more of the tasks, love more, spend more time with those that mean so much.

If you don’t know Kalsey yet then you are about to. Since winning CCMA Discovery Artist of the Year in 2017, she’s been writing and singing her songs in Nashville and beyond. She’s one of the finest songwriters, regardless of genre and has a voice to rival any in country music.  Her voice is sweet yet powerful and reminds me sonically of early Kasey Musgraves, but when you hear her there is no doubt that it is Kalsey you are listening to. The sky is the limit for Kalsey, and we are so excited that her new material is starting to trickle out to us. Previously you had to be lucky enough to catch her at a round to get your fix and soon you will be seeing her playing to much larger rooms with audiences pining for her next song.

Check out the video for “More Time” and make sure you add it to your playlist you use when your heart needs to grow or heal.


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