Honky Tonk Review: The Blue Light Live – Lubbock

Jed Crisp
Founder of Texas Local Live

The Blue Light Lubbock has become a staple on the Texas music scene in recent years. With artist like Josh Abbott, William Clark Green and most recently the emergence of Randall King, Lubbock has become the new hub of Texas songwriters to run to.  Their local songwriter nights on Mondays are hosted by Jerry Serrano and they have a strict no cover set for anyone who plays the round. With that kind policy, it really forces all the writers to bring their A game to the table since they will have no map for their vocals like they do for covers.


The venue also holds national acts through the weekends and are no slouch on that end either. It is not the biggest venue by any means, but you can’t bet that all those Texas Tech Raiders are selling it out almost every Thursday – Sunday. The stage does not stand too tall off the floor which makes for a unique and intimate show.  

If you are ever rolling through the Pan Handle of Texas, stop in, get yourself a drink and check out a show at The Blue Light Live – Lubbock. On a side note, they have recently expanded and added another location in Dallas. It opened up within the last six months and seems to be rocking just as much as the original Lubbock branch, but that’s a blog for another time!


1806 Buddy Holly Ave, Lubbock, TX 79401


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