Prepare for Spring with Baseball Player/Artist Carter Smith

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Spring is coming, slowly and surely (unless you live in Ohio like myself), and there’s no better way to celebrate the conclusion of winter than baseball and country music. For Florida State baseball player Carter Smith, he gets to pursue both on stage and on the baseball diamond. The catcher/infielder began began his pursuit of music after receiving a “cheap ass guitar from Walmart,” but it wasn’t until he was in college that he got serious about it.

Smith isn’t the only artist whose first love was baseball. Frankie Ballard, Brett Young, and FGL member Brian Kelley all grew up on a baseball diamond and if you had to ask them where they got their ambition and discipline from, I would like to bet that they would all say baseball. This can also be said for Smith, who uses what he’s learned from baseball to grow as an artist. “It’s like when you’re at the plate up 2-0 and you get a fastball, you know you’re going to take a hack. That’s how music is too. If you practice your songs over and over again, you know you’ll knock it out of the park during live performances.” Smith hopes to knock it out of the park on stage and at the plate, where he hit over .300 at Florida Southwestern State College the previous two seasons.

Smith was joined on stage by Tanner Stephens in Ray City, GA

2019 will be a year of growth for Smith, who plans on releasing his first songs to fans. “My main goal this summer is releasing my first songs on Apple Music and Spotify. I’ve got 5 or 6 songs that I feel confident in and want to put on an EP.” Because these songs will be the first sounds fans hear, he wants to first make sure it’s his absolute best songs that make a good first impression. “It’s really tough to release music as a new artist because those songs represent your sound and people’s first impressions. I’ve put some of these songs on my Instagram just to get some feedback from my followers, so far it has been great!” To see these teaser videos he has posted, follow Carter on Instagram @carter_smith_music.


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Song I wrote with @thomas_pipolo_music called ‘If Jack Could Talk’! Let us know what ya think!

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One thing’s for sure, Carter Smith is determined to have a career entertaining fans, whether it be on the baseball field or up on stage and with the work ethic he has, you can be sure that this won’t be the last time you hear his name.

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