Acoustic Wednesday: Cody Parks and The Dirty South “The Other Side”

Video and feature by Trey Bonner 

Cody Parks and The Dirty South aren’t your typical Nashville country act. They can better be described as “Def Leppard on cornbread.” Inspired by the likes of Motley Crue and Ratt, these boys blend their country roots with their love for 80’s metal.

They released two debut singles in January of 2019. The opening riff for their new single titled “The Other Side” takes you back to the Sunset Strip in 1987. The lyric takes you to the middle of nowhere Georgia. The other half of their debut release is a cranked up take on John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind,” and indeed does it crank.

Check ’em out on Spotify, and when you do . . . PLAY IT LOUD!!!



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