Texas Local Live artist spotlight Robynn Shayne

Robynn Shayne has found the most unique and pretty damn cool way to local fame then any one probably has come across.  Her day job is as a stewardess for American Airlines and from time to time she plays and sings for sick children in route to their hospital destinations. One of those videos has amassed 1+ Million views.  Ya, that’s right, I said 1,000,000 + views.

You never expect acts of kindness like this to get noticed, but in Robynn’s case it went viral. Before all that though she was pounding the pavement just like every other artist.  After moving to Austin in 2013 it didn’t take long for Robynn to start sharing the stage with some of the most well-known names in the State’s history like Pat Green, Cory Morrow and Gary P. Nunn.

Her sophomore album “Rebel Child” has been received very well and her single “Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights” was nominated for the TCMA Country Album of the Year in 2018.  Robynn is no stranger to writers either and frequents the iconic Bluebird Café writers nights.

Check out Robynn’s Single “Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights” below…


And her viral airplane video here…


Photos of Robynn Provided by Texas Local Live Media


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