Morgan Wallen unreleased: “This Bar”

Cole German
Raised Rowdy Contributor

With an exceptional voice and by far the most badass hair in Nashville, Morgan Wallen seems to have it all figured out. His unreleased song, “This Bar”, tells the story of how this up and coming star found himself.

Only in country music does it make sense that this place would be a bar. Just like Wallen, I think we all have that bar where we pushed the limits and learned a lot about life and ourselves. Where we had great times with old friends, met new friends and maybe even were asked to leave a time or two. It may sound a little trashy but for a lot of us it was just a part of our life.

So crank this song up, grab a beer and go down to that old place that you used to or maybe even still do, call home, Cheers!

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