Shelby Lee Lowe’s new single “All We Need” will be your new Valentine’s day jam.

NASHVILLE  — Shelby Lee Lowe’s ‘lyrics reflect a more traditional style of country music’ (BoroPulse). His latest single “All We Need” is no different. The tone and tempo of this toe-tapper will keep listeners coming back for more. With fiddles and banjos in the opener, the song kicks off with relatable lyrics.

“Six-pack and a scratch-off ticket/It’d be nice, but I’ll probably never hit it/
That’s alright, a little work never hurt us/With a little faith, we’ll make our own luck.”

The song, written by Lowe, Zane Fischer and Ben Whisler, is now available on all platforms.

“This song is one of my favorite songs I’ve written, and I am so excited for fans to hear it,” Lowe said.

“Long as I got you and you got me/If that’s all we got, that’s all we need.”

Known for his exciting live shows and southern rock/blues sound, Lowe follows up his latest single with this tune that is sure to make his fans ready for even more music.

“Making music is something I love to do,” he said. “The people who believe in me and give me the chance to do what I love are so important. I couldn’t be more grateful for those fans. I hope they enjoy this song as much as I was when I recorded it.”

This is the first single release of 2019, but Lowe plans to have more new music coming later this year.


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