Kristen Foreman releases a personal healer “Falcon 63”

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

Songs that tell a story about the person behind the pen are usually the ones that fans relate to the most, and when Kristen Foreman wrote this song, she didn’t even plan on showing anyone. That was until she started receiving a positive response from many fans, including her brother, who said it was one the best songs she had ever written.

Foreman released this acoustic track following her first real heartbreak. She was hurting and used music as an outlet to heal and move on with her life. Everyone will experience some sort of heartbreak in their life and Foreman hopes that songs like “Falcon 63” can heal her fans the same way that it healed her. Just prior to the release, Foreman released a teaser video and shared it on Instagram with the caption that reads “Good gah, this feels like friction virtual open heart surgery and it’s slightly terrifying….but hopefully me sharing my art honestly will help someone else out because that is what making music is about, right?”

Although this single might be what takes her to the next level, she’s been building her Nashville cred with other singles and “Feather Tattoo,” an album she released back in 2016. The Louisiana native relocated to Nashville in 2017 and has been growing a bigger following each day. To follow Kristen Foreman’s journey to the top, visit her Instagram (@kristenforemanmusic) and Twitter (@ForemanKristen).


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