Caeland Garner drops another new single “End Of Me”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder

Since the first time we heard Caeland’s voice we we’re hooked. It’s a strange mix of poppy melodies and haunting layers of sound. It’s hard to explain until you hear it and then once you do you will not want his set to end.

Caeland, who was recently on “The Voice” has been doing what he always has, self producing songs that are truly Caeland. When you hear not just his voice but the music behind it you can clearly hear, sonically what Caeland is trying to give you. This newest track he co-wrote with Patrick Savage and Russell Sutto.

Lyrically, the song is a traditional country tale of love at first site/touch/kiss.  You could hear this song with steel guitar and fiddle but that is not what Caeland was going for with this track.  He brings a version with a clean, upbeat sound that really shows off his vocals.

When you see Caeland live, whether it be with a looping station or just an acoustic guitar, you can’t take your eyes and ears off the experience. We can’t wait to catch “End of Me” as part of that experience soon!

Caeland’s music and star are going to be shining bright into 2019 and beyond. We couldn’t be happier to see where it ends up.

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