Honky Tonk Review: Banita Creek Hall in Nacogdoches, TX

Jed Crisp– Founder of Texas Local Live

 Down in the Deep East Texas holler lives the self proclaimed “largest dance-floor” in the state of Texas, Banita Creek Hall.  A small town known by the locals as “The Nasty”, but formally known as Nacogdoches, and yes you probably just said that wrong in your head, is one of the top 3 best Texas venues to visit before you die.  With a max capacity of close to 900 between the walls on any Friday or Saturday night while SFA, Stephen F. Austin State University, is in session. These nights, it becomes the rowdiest venue to take part in.


There are folks in Texas who go their whole lives without every hearing about this venue, but there really is no better place to be to witness a great concert.  Acts like Sam Riggs, Cody Johnson, Casey Donahew, Josh Abbott, Shane Smith and The Saints, Koe Wetzel and many more Texas acts have all got their start on this legendary stage. 

When the dance floor is at capacity it is marked off by cattle fencing, the Shiner flows out of the tap like the Rio Grande, and all the boys hope to two step with a girl that has “eyes as green as the trees in Nacogdoches”.   It truly is one of best Texas venues in the state and is still relatively unknown except to a select crowd. 

So if you ever find your way wandering behind that Piney Curtain, make a side stop and experience what a true East Texas night has to offer! TICKETS HERE

Banita Creek Hall

401 West Main Street
Nacogdoches, TX
United States



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