Georgia’s on our mind with the new Sean Stemaly single

Katelyn Law

Raised Rowdy Contributor

Sean Stemaly might have grown up in Southern Indiana but Georgia is on his mind. Now after listening to his latest single, “Georgia”, it’s on ours too.

In his most recent release, Sean takes us straight to Savannah, swaying on River Street to a cover band, reminiscing about a girl from the peach state that he left behind. Sean describes all the other girls that he’s had in life, making it clear that they have been easy to forget while painting a picture that no matter how hard he tries, Georgia is still on his mind.

The tune is cleverly written showcasing a catchy melody and Sean’s great vocals. With lyrics that say “exes in Texas”, “calling Baton Rouge”, and “walking in Memphis”, it’s clear that Sean is giving a shout out to the country greats of the 90’s.

“Georgia” will no doubt be put on repeat and jammed to all day. Take it from a Georgia girl herself and go ahead and click the add button because you will want this one on every playlist.



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