Landon Parker Has His Sights Set on a Big 2019

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Landon Parker’s musical story began when his father bought a guitar in Tennessee and brought it home to the then sixteen year old. Since then, Parker dedicated himself to using his traditional, booming voice and after uploading multiple videos to YouTube, he got the opportunity he had been waiting for. “A guy actually contacted me through YouTube and told me to move out to Tennessee and join a country band and I did that for about five years.”

Parker toured with Dorado, a band composed of some of Parker’s closest friends. The decision to ultimately separate himself for a solo career was not an easy one. “We had our run for five years and we all mutually thought it was best if we went our separate ways. It was a really hard break up, I had been with those guys for a long time but I still talk to them and we’ve all remained friends.” This experience is a stepping stone that Parker is using for bigger and better things.

Although Parker is just starting out with his solo career and hasn’t released any new music yet, he has already gained quite a following, especially in his hometown of Yadkinville, North Carolina. With just him and his guitar, he played an intimate acoustic performance in a hometown bar. As easy as playing in front of family and friends sounds, he says that it is one of the more nerve-wracking performances he does. “I’m actually the most nervous to go back home and perform because almost the entire crowd is made up of my friends and family and I always tell myself that I have to be perfect up on stage.”

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His 2019 is already taking off on the right foot. He’s written songs with fellow country rising stars like Walker Montgomery and is currently working with EM.Co, a management company out of Nashville that represents performers like Tim McGraw. His focus is also on releasing new music for his fans. “I’m going to try to get some shows this year and continue to go to the studio to record some songs. My main goal is to have a single out by the summer time and possibly even an EP.”

To follow Landon Parker’s journey, you can find him on Instagram (@LandonParker) and on Twitter (@LandonParker1).


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