Triston Marez drops new EP “That Was All Me”

Katelyn Law Raised Rowdy Contributor

After much anticipation, Triston Marez’s EP “That Was All Me” has finally released! The five song project provides a traditional country sound that proves true to his Texas/ red dirt roots.

The lead off and title track to the EP, “That Was All Me” has a rockin’ tempo that makes you want to tap along. It details the story of a young couple finally letting out their true feelings, with a little help from whiskey number three.

“Reservations for Two” sets a different mood as a clever, heartfelt way of trying to get some alone time with your significant other. With sweet lyrics detailing not wanting anything other than being with the one you love.

The next track on the project brings old school country back! “Dizzy” is my personal favorite track off the EP with a laid back melody and sweet words. Triston showcases his incredible vocals crooning the hook of the song, “it ain’t the whiskey making me dizzy.”

While the other songs on the record seem to be about an idealistic relationship, “Where Rivers are Red and Cowboys are Blue” flips the script and offers a heartfelt plea for a lover to come home where they belong.

The final tune on the EP is called “Here’s to the Weekend,” which is a perfect ode to a Friday night. Triston sings about a long hard week and how the weekend is what is gettin’ him through. This is the perfect song for the working man who likes to get a little rowdy.

“That Was All Me” did not disappoint, proving that great things are ahead for country music newcomer Triston Marez!



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