Our “Girl” Maren is back!

Katelyn Law

Raised Rowdy Contributor 

Maren Morris began her musical career at the early age of 12 years old, picking up a guitar for the first time. Managed by her father, Maren began playing at local clubs and venues in her home state of Texas. Fast forward, now Maren has numerous hit songs and a GRAMMY!

Despite her rise to stardom, it was in those long sixteen years, working towards her success, that molded and shaped Maren into the artist that she is today. Almost 3 years to the day since Maren made her debut to country radio, Maren released her fifth career single, “Girl”. On January 17th, the highly anticipated release and follow up to “Rich” became available for download and streaming after its nationwide debut on country airwaves.

“Girl” was co-written by Maren, Sara Aarons, and the producer of the track Greg Kurstin. With lyrics such as “girl, don’t hang your head low. Don’t lose your halo. Everyone’s gonna be okay, baby, girl,” it’s apparent that Maren has taken experiences from her own journey and channeled them for this inspiring track. 

Clearly “Girl” is the preface to Maren’s second studio album and we cannot wait to hear more! Especially after Maren’s hubby, Ryan Hurd tweeted, “Maren’s record is perfect and it’s iconic. Better than Hero.”

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