Reid Haughton Talks Newest Single, Opening for Trea Landon, and Balancing Life as a College Singer/Songwriter

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

Adding to the list of upcoming artists coming out of the Southeast, Reid Haughton is hoping to have a breakout 2019 with his recent single “Make You Mine.” This track has gained quick traction by his fans, many of which are college students who have seen him perform at bars like Bourbon Street Bar in Auburn, Alabama, where Haughton goes to school. Although his top priority is his school work, there’s no question what Haughton’s passion is. “Every week I make sure that all my school work is done so that I can go out on the weekend and perform. I treat my music the same way I treat my school work and studies because music is the career I want to chase after so I have to treat it in a work-like manner.” His pursuit into country music is one that is intense and undeniably heartfelt.

He has opened for Trea Landon, also an up and coming artist from the Southeast. Haughton revealed that he has been a fan of Landon since his high school days. ” I have been a huge fan of him since he began putting music out and I remember driving in high school with the windows down, blaring Trea Landon. I was so excited to open up for him at the 40 Watt. It was an amazing experience, he’s a world-class guy and puts on a hell of a show.”

“Make You Mine” won’t be the last song you hear from Reid Haughton, who plans on releasing another new single just in time for summer. “Im gonna do some writing in Nashville with some good artists, not sure who it’ll be yet, that’s being set up by my good friends at 65 South. I will then decide what new single to release before the start of summer to send home with all these college kids I’m surrounded by so they can show their friends.”

If you live anywhere in the Southeast, expect to hear Reid Haughton’s name making a buzz in 2019. Follow Reid Haughton on Instagram (@ReidHaughtonmusic) and Twitter (@haughton_reid) to stay up-to-date on new music and tour dates.

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