Faren Rachels is everything we love “On Paper” or not

“He” may be a long list of wrongs, but Faren Rachels’ new video for her tune “On Paper” is nothing but right.

This video features three real-life couples and shares their unique stories of dating only six months before getting married and staying that way for two decades or the one where the guy was drunk when they met. But that’s part of the perfection of this whole production. The connection between two people can spark anywhere and any time for any reason.

“My dad wishes he was a doctor,” is written on a chalkboard easel in the kitchen of one video couple. It embodies the entire sentiment of this song. While the love interest of the woman in the song may not be perfect, he loves her and she loves him, and love… always wins.

Rachels definitely won with this song and accompanying video. Check it out on CMT. Also, you can vote for it to be on the CMT 12-Pack Countdown by CLICKING HERE.

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