Pre-order Triston Marez’s new EP and receive his latest release “Where Rivers are Red and Cowboys are Blue”

Katelyn Law

Raised Rowdy Contributor

Houston, Texas native Triston Marez is the epitome of Texas/Red Dirt music. As a former ranch hand and bull rider, Triston has a first hand perspective of the lifestyle that he continues to evoke through his music. After two wildly successful single releases of “Take Me Home” and “Out on the Dance Floor” in 2017 and 2018, Triston is set to finally debut an EP on January 25th titled “That Was All Me.”

The five track EP showcases Triston’s impressive vocals and traditional sound with some of the tracks having a 70’s country nostalgia. And lucky for us, if we pre-order the new project, we don’t have to wait two weeks to hear the new music! Instead, we’ll have access to listen to a song off of the project titled “Where Rivers are Red and Cowboys are Blue.” Written by songwriters Brett Beavers and Deric Ruttan, this song is a wistful plea for a lover to come back home where they belong.

So if you’re in the mood for a heartache tune, this one will surely provide the fix you need as well as tide you over until the rest of the of “That Was All Me” becomes available.

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