December Bartender of the Month: Sydney Narkiewicz from Red Line Bar & Grill

Walking into a new bar can be intimidating, but no need to worry about that when you head into Red Line Bar & Grill. You’ll find a friendly face behind the bar – Sydney Narkiewicz. Sydney will make you the best drinks, give you quick service and always lend a listening ear. A Nashville native, she’s been on the scene for six years in downtown Nashville and now calls Red Line Bar & Grill in Bellevue her home. We had the chance to chat with Sydney and ask her some fun questions about being a bartending connoisseur.

Raised Rowdy: What’s your favorite part about bartending?

Sydney Narkiewicz: I enjoy the creativity and drink-making. I also like how it’s constantly moving, and I’m always multitasking from opening tabs to closing tabs, making drinks and bringing out rounds. Even when it’s not super busy there’s always something to do, and I love people watching.

RR: What is your favorite drink to make?

Sydney: Pineapple Upside Down shot – it’s pretty and layered. Everyone who orders it is always like “OMG it’s amazing”

Sydney’s recipe:
– Pickers pineapple
– Vanilla vodka
– Pineapple juice
* Shake it and strain it
*Add grenadine to the bottom and add the mix

RR: What are some of the most common beer and liquor drinks here?

Sydney: Liquor: A lot of vodka sodas because of keto diets
Beer: Lagunitas and Sam Adams Winter Lager

RR: How do you typically handle a busy night?

Sydney: Some of our busiest nights are when Sam McCrary and The MIX perform. The best way to handle those nights is to just go one by one. One person and one order at a time. People are gonna have to wait.

RR: Favorite night to bartend?

Sydney: I like Wednesdays. There’s a dart league here in Nashville where a bunch a people travel from bar to bar playing darts. They’re always nice and fun to deal with. Then we have poker twice a week and that’s a chance to see all my awesome regulars.

RR: You guys have great food, but what would you say is the best menu item?

Sydney: Italian Beef. Once I tried it I was done. I’m not pepper person, but I love them on this sandwich and with the giardiniera it’s so good.
I went through a phase with it. I felt bad about eating it so much that I made a skinny version on a quesadilla.

RR: Bartenders have some of the most unique tastes in drinks. What is your go-to drink?

Sydney: Vodka pineapple. It’s easy.

RR: How was working in the craziness of downtown Nashville?

Sydney: I’m a people watcher so that was always fun. I’d meet people who’d bring me all kinds of stuff like Australian and Chinese money.
It was always fun to get those weird over-the-top tourists and put on your best country accent “Hey y’all what’s up? and they’d be like, “Ohhh she’s a real country girl”

RR: Have you ever made your own drink creation?

Sydney: I made a chocolate banana shot. It has 5 things in it. You just kinda pour things until it seems right. It tastes like a chocolate covered banana.

Banana liquor
Bailey’s or Rum Chanda
Splash of milk

RR: What’s your passion outside of bartending?

Sydney: Traveling, hanging out with my family, and being a mom to my two-year-old daughter, Nora. If you see me outside of work I’ll be with Nora headed to the park or to get a cookie.

RR: What are some of the things tourists should absolutely do in Nashville?

Sydney: Pedal Taverns, Pinewood Social and Legendary Milkshake Bar


So, if you’re ever in the Nashville area stop by and say hey to Sydney at Red Line Bar & Grill. Hours and address below. If you’re lucky she’ll make you her special drink or you can put on a good show so she has some awesome people watching to do.

Red Line Bar & Grill

Address: 142 Belle Forest Cir
Nashville, TN 37221
Hours: 10:30am – 3:30am
Phone Number: (615) 540-1539

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