If George Strait says it’s good, you can bet your rear imma try it

Katelyn Law
Raised Rowdy Contributor

It’s been almost two years since King George has released new music. And after much wait and anticipation, it’s finally here! I love George Strait, AND I love tequila, So you know I’m already in my car on my way to the nearest store to pick up a bottle of Codigo, the namesake of his most recent release.

“Codigo” is the jam that no one dared ask for, but George did in fact deliver. With a catchy, fun, upbeat melody and clever words telling us the story of how the brand of tequila is made and came to be, it’s the perfect country song to get you through the holidays.

With a song solely about his favorite bottle of booze, I think it’s safe to say George Strait was raised rowdy, if ya know what I mean.


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