Alec Davis bears his heart in the acoustic rendition of his song “Fall For Me”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy founder 

Here at Raised Rowdy we kind of have a thing for acoustic music.  Sometimes the stripped down version of a song can just release something in you that a studio produced, full band version can’t do.  That my friends is the case with Alec Davis‘ track “Fall For Me”.

The track was originally released on his American Music EP in the spring of 2018 (produced by Tyler Chiarelli) to really solid reviews.  Alec moved to Nashville in the summer of 2018 from Missouri, where he played 2 years of SEC golf at Mizzou. While relatively new to performing his music live, Alec has opened for great acts like Kip Moore, Frankie Ballard, Jon Langston, Muscadine Bloodline, and The Brothers Osborne. but lets get into this track

Just listen to the first words uttered from Alec’s mouth and the depth at which he expresses them.  You get a sense of exactly the situation this track was written about.  Alec’s guitar player, Nate White penned this song after a discussion with Alec about relationships and how being hurt can lead to putting up walls to protect your heart. A tale as old as time, but a classic country theme that resonates with so many. Now, lets get into the video.  

The video was recorded by Dylan Rucker at The Brown Owl studio in Tennessee with audio work done by Spencer McGuire. The moments they captured sure ended up special, but don’t take our word for it. Watch here and get lost in Alec’s sultry voice in the video for “Fall For Me”. 


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