Grammy nominated number #1 song machine Luke Combs plays unreleased “Dear Today”

So yeah, everything is coming up Luke Combs the last few weeks. Not only did he announce his engagement to the love of his life Nicole Hocking, and have his newest single picked up by basically every radio station in the country he also got nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys. A high like this has to be surreal even to someone like Luke.  Luke has to be getting used to success at this point as its come in heaps in 2018. 

So what does he do, man he just dropped another song and you can already see the lights from callers requesting it at their local radio station. 

Sounds like it was co-written by two of Raised Rowdy’s favorite writers Erik Dylan and Rob Snyder. 

So here is to you Luke Combs, what a freaking year, and here is his new song “Dear Today”



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