Nate Fredrick’s new single “Go On And Leave Me” will leave you painfully happy

Ryan McDonald
Raised Rowdy Staff Writer

An unassuming acoustic guitar has been the lead-in to many a sad song. Rarely though, do those six-strings give way to a voice like Nate Fredrick’s. A voice that captivates you and makes you feel like you’re sitting front row watching the story he’s spinning. We are talking about Nate’s newest single, released today. Written with friend Casey Weston and produced by friend Andrew Manzardo, Nate says the song  “was meant to explain the situation that you get into when two people who care about each other and have tried to be together time and time again but know it will never work out. Failed relationships are rarely one sided and it takes two people to make/break it in those situations. So we tried to encompass that.”

Listening to “Go On And Leave Me” over and over had me questioning which I loved more: his voice, or his ability to turn a sour ending into a beautiful ballad of understanding.

“Lately the hours have been passing like days. Couldn’t throw away the flowers I bought you. I left them dead in the vase.”

I could keep writing and trying to explain how this song will kick you in you feels with the strength of a spurred horse. However, I think it’s better you spin it as many times as you feel necessary to fully grasp what the weight of these words, sung by a man with powerfully soft voice, can convey.

Catch Nate at Whiskey Jam on December 17th but until then listen to his new single here. Don’t blame us if you fall down a rabbit hole of Nate Fredrick’s work.


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