J Hartley talks new music, being a dad and performing at Whiskey Jam

Bradley Curry Raised Rowdy Contributor

The relationship between the Wild West and Country music has always been very strong and seems to tie together. Michigan native J Hartley took it a step further by releasing his single “John Wayne.” This is Hartley’s fourth single and is possibly the most anticipated. The pop-country sound that can be heard throughout the single is prevalent in all of his songs and is something that he embraces.“I like the challenge of sticking to that fine line. You can’t cross it too much and be too crazy but finding that good balance between pop and country. That’s what I like about country music and the new creation of country” he says. Songs like John Wayne were on the set-list when he took the stage at Nashville’s industry attraction, Whiskey Jam.


Performing at Whiskey Jam is a perfect way for artists to perform original music and to receive feedback from fans, industry insiders and their fellow artists.  Hartley says that Whiskey Jam it is a “staple songwriters round in Nashville and lots of people show up for it, making it a very exciting place to play.” We couldn’t agree more. If you listen to the Raised Rowdy Podcast you will hear about this event often. 

2018 has been a big year for Hartley, who just welcomed his newborn son into the world on July 28th. The  birth of a child can be a big event for any new parent and Hartley explains his transition into fatherhood as: “I’m still getting used to it. It’s definitely a chore and you gotta make sure you’re there for the things you can be at. I love him to death and it helps when you have a good support team behind him. His mom is great, she stays home with him when I’m on the road and she understands when I have to be away. It is important when I’m out touring that she sends me lots of pictures. Those mean a ton to me” he says. While fatherhood seems to fit J well, he seems even more motivated to make big strides in his career to help support his new family. 

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