Bryce Mauldin releases his country music debut “All the Proof I Need” (Interview)

Katelyn Law
Raised Rowdy Contributor

Bryce Mauldin grew up in the small town of Webster, Florida racing motocross  before discovering country music. In early 2016, Bryce debuted his pipes to the world and has never looked back. Bryce just released his first single, “All the Proof I Need” just in time for it to become the sound track of your Thanksgiving festivities. With lyrics that detail a world gone crazy, Bryce hangs on to hope saying he’s got all the proof he needs that love still exists. Check out our interview with him and make sure you give this awesome song a spin!

What was it like growing up in Florida and how has that influenced your music?

Growing up in Florida was awesome. I was raised in a small town called Webster, Fl where everybody knows everybody. I would say it has influenced my music a lot with the way I came up around horses, the woods, and just that southern/country life style. I didn’t get involved with music personally until my senior year in high school when I chose guitar class for an elective. I was racing motocross my whole life competitively trying to make a career out of it and never made the time for music. I was raised with my dad playing the guitar around me at the house, parties, and hunt camp.
Who are some of your earliest musical influences?

My dad is a Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Gary Alan fan along with many others. That’s really the music that I remember growing up to and then I got into a lot of Chris Young, Clay Walker and a mix between new music and 90’s country. I like to take that influence into the writing room when I’m co-writing here in Nashville.

What does your songwriting process look like?

A normal week for myself in Nashville is writing either once or twice a day with a lot of the same people and mixing in different writers all the time.

What is one song that you wish you would have written?

If there’s one song I wish I could be a part of, it would be “There Goes My Life” by Kenny Chesney. The lyrics, story line, and melody in this song are one of a kind. The song has a big impact on normal people out there and I think it’s a special song.

Will we being hearing a studio version of with ya? That is one of my favorites of your originals.

I did not end up cutting the song “With Ya” but I may end up doing it in the future!

Have you collaborated with any other artists or songwriters that you’re excited for your fans to hear?

I did not collaborate with any artists for my EP, however I would love to in the future. I am excited for y’all to hear my new music and see how the people and fans react.



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