Feel okay where you’re at with Carly Rogers’ new single “Two Different Places”

Ryan McDonald
Raised Rowdy staff writer

We all have paths.  Some we blaze, some we accept.  Perhaps it’s how we embrace the difference in the two that can define us.  With her new single released today, “Two Different Places”, Carly lends her soulful country voice to those who feel themselves traveling in different directions from a friend charting a new course.  Co-written by roommate Tyler Branch, produced by Thomas Toner and mastered by Mike Zuehsow, Carly says she hopes listeners are “able to accept that sometimes two people go in two different directions; and it’s ok.” Drawing from personal experience, Carly lays out the backstory that provided the inspiration for the song. “For me, this song is about my best friend Rachel. We met each other both greener than grasshoppers to Nashville. We were both 18, both studying at Belmont U, and both playing on Broadway. Since then she’s joined the Navy, gotten married to an Army man, and had a beautiful baby girl. I’m so proud of and happy for her. Sometimes I wish my life was more stable like hers, even though I love the chaos and the freedom that I have. That’s where the “I don’t mean to complain” line comes in. This was literally a text message I typed out to send to Rachel one night.”

I know time and people change, and I don’t mean to complain.  I know I’ll be here too when the timing’s right. You found you’re dream but I’m still out here chasin’.  We’re just in two different places.

Carly gave us some intel that she has a new single dropping next spring. We couldn’t let her off the hook without asking her about her recent work with country rap/redneck extraordinaire Ryan Upchurch who she sang with on his song “Cowboy” off his latest record Supernatural. “It’s been incredible, honestly. Between his life experiences and his career he’s a walking encyclopedia. I’m constantly learning something from him whether we’re working or just kickin’ it. Sometimes he even teaches me what NOT to do *(laughing)*. All jokes aside he’s been an incredible mentor and friend to me from writing and performing to living and experiencing. I’m excited for the new content we’ve both got coming out, together and as individual artists!”


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