*Raised Rowdy Video Premiere* Daniel Johnson’s “American Hearts”

Katelyn Law
Raised Rowdy Contributor

Daniel E. Johnson takes us from the writing room straight to an ideal summer night his music video for “American Hearts.” This is the first single off of the six song project titled All We Ever Knew that Daniel released earlier this year. The “American Hearts” video accurately portrays the song’s story of a Friday night that is spent listening to songs on the radio with a cold beer in hand, making memories to last a lifetime. This video offers a unique perspective by walking viewers through the process of bringing the song to life.

From the first strum of the guitar, viewers are in the writing room watching how words get strung into verses and chords turn into melodies. The song’s co-writers Chad R. Bishop and Ethan Baumgarner make an appearance with Daniel as they “write” the catchy tune. Fading out, the camera fades to a young couple living out their summer romance, which no doubt is inspiration for the song. Finally, the video comes full circle when worlds collide and Daniel performs his hold a lighter in the sky anthem for the couple portraying the lyrics in his song.

This video was directed by Daniel E. Johnson himself and Randy Fields. It will no doubt put you in the mood for a low key Friday night with your significant other, sparks flying all around, two “American Hearts.”

Check out Daniel’s music on Spotify and make sure to add it to your favorite playlists!

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