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These days in country music there seems to be a female empowerment movement brewing in the depths of music city. One that calls for more women to be prominent in the industry’s songwriting, airplay, and country music in general. And if you have any doubt of the ladies in Nashville’s God given talent, then you need to check out one of the best writer’s rounds Nashville has to offer.

Every Monday night, you can find five of some of the most talented artists currently pursuing their dreams. The night titled Song Suffragettes is located at The Listening Room, where these gals showcase their vocals and original songs. Performers such as Kalie Shorr, Kasey Tyndall, Kelsea Ballerini, Kassi Ashton, and Lauren Alaina have been known to make appearances along with other brilliant up and comers.

In a time in country music where it seems like women are just sprinkled in, Song Suffragettes provide a unique opportunity to put a spotlight on the issue and provide a solution. In an open letter to Nashville that can be found on Song Suffragettes’ website, they ask for the support of the industry and suggest that Nashville should come together as a community to hear what the girls have to say. Boys are welcome too, they just don’t get to perform. So Nashville, LET THE GIRLS PLAY!

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