Check out Moriah Domby’s new video for “Could’ve Tried”

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder

Moriah Domby had the idea for “Could’ve Tried” but it took her longer than expected to finish it.  She ended up shelving the song for some time while deciding on who to co-write it with. Sometimes good things come to those who wait and that seems to be the case with this track! She ended up finishing the song with her co-writer Jordan Hobson, who Moriah says “is never afraid to dig into something that’s not cookie cutter, so he was the perfect co-writer to finish it with”. 

This song tells the tale of looking back on missed opportunities. Domby expresses, “Sometimes it’s not necessarily that you miss someone or wish it was different all the time, but the not knowing how it could’ve been is the part that keeps you looking back.”

There are many reasons the video is very special to Moriah. The intimacy of the process of recording it with her friend Alejandro Medina of 3rd Lion Productions at a friend’s cabin plus her male counterpart in the video being her husband. Even her 6 year old niece got to help with the process by helping her pick out the dress she wore in the video. That total package makes for a pretty special release. 

Check out the video and let us know what you think! Make sure to follow Moriah on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with her for even more music releases coming soon.


Director: Alejandro Medina
Songwriters: Moriah Domby, Jordan Hobson
Location: Lost Creek, TN
Wardrobe: provided by E. Allen, the Gulch

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