Justin Lee drops music video for his single “Where I Belong”

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When you think of Nevada and even Northern California you don’t necessarily think about country but we promise you there are some country folks with their boots firmly planted on the ground there.  That is where Justin Lee comes from, the little towns that raised him and helped make him who he is. The title track and single off of Justin’s newest EP “Where I Belong” tells one of those tales. 

“Where I Belong” is a country ballad rooted in the heart of spousal love.  Justin wrote this track by himself and it truly embodies the expression of commitment and dedication. With that in mind Justin sought the help of a talented production team to bring his song to visual life. 

Justin worked with TA films on the music video and it really was a match made in heaven. Justin explains “The entire video was shot in Rutherford County, North Carolina. Parts in Forest City and Lake Lure (which is the same place they filmed Dirty Dancing at.) TA Films produced the video, Tyler Adams directing. I honestly couldn’t imagine working with anybody else on this project, or any of my projects going forward, with anybody else but TA Films. The entire crew makes you feel like family and they’re all so skilled and better at what they do, than they’re humbly willing to admit. I’m more then thankful they were even willing to work with me at all.” 

The video is set from the perspective of the two most important males in most women’s life. Her Father and her significant other. It shows her life from birth until the walk down the aisle.  It really is a touching story and shows the circle of love so well.  So without further ado check out Justin’s video for “Where I Belong”




Check out Justin’s music on Spotify and make sure to add it to your favorite playlists! 


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