Walker Montgomery keeps his family’s country music dynasty alive with new EP

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Photo by Amy Richmond Photography

If you’ve been a fan of country music the last twenty-five years, you’ve probably heard songs from artists with the last name ‘Montgomery.’ Both Eddie and John Michael Montgomery have been staples of the country music community and John Michael’s son, Walker, is ready to help take on that role in his own unique way. Just by hearing the mature voice of Walker, you can tell that he’s not receiving attention solely because of his father.

Montgomery gained lots of traction with his debut single “Simple Town” and is now hoping to do the same with his first EP which features that single. “The reason I release music is because I want people to relate to the songs and that’s ultimately what it’s all about and when I look for songs and release songs, I want them to relate to everybody and I think this EP really does a good job of that” he says. This five-track EP was released on October 19th and quickly became the item of discussion, reaching #5 on iTunes for most downloaded country albums within the first twenty-four hours. By listening to his EP, anyone could tell that his songs and style are unique from anyone else, including his father and uncle. “The kind of music that I’ve put out really is the motive for that because I don’t want people to know that I’m John Michael’s son or Eddie Montgomery’s nephew. Obviously, I’m proud to be John Michael’s son and Eddie Montgomery’s nephew but I also want to be Walker Montgomery.”

Photo by Amy Richmond Photography


Montgomery received lots of attention recently not in the world of country music but in the world of college basketball. Being from Kentucky, he grew up cheering on the one of the more well-known basketball programs in the country and on October 12th during the University of Kentucky’s yearly “pep rally” called Big Blue Madness, 25,000 Wildcats fans heard Walker’s voice echo throughout the arena. Kentucky women’s basketball player Maci Morris was introduced to the crowd and walked out to Montgomery’s unique rendition of “I’m From the Country” by Tracy Byrd. “That was a really cool thing to do. It’s always an honor to be able to be played over the Rupp Arena speakers but UK called me and told me that Maci wanted me to re-record it and that was that. I was in the studio the next day.” Check out the video below:

Business is booming for Walker Montgomery and it won’t be too long before he too will a king of country music. Check him out on tour as he will be stopping in states Indiana and West Virginia in the coming months. To follow his journey to stardom, follow him on Instagram (@walkermontgomery) and Twitter (@walkmontgomery).


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