Lacy Cavalier drops emotional lyric video for her new song “Cheating On U”

Angie Gregory
Raised Rowdy contributor

Toxic relationships, we’ve all had them or are in them.  Lacy Cavalier is brave and bold in her latest [lyric video] release “Cheating on you”.  We can all relate to that one-person in our life that no matter how hard we try to move on from, our heart won’t let us completely let go.  Starting the video with a personal message directly to her ex, is perfect. My heart hurt a little for her as she started and then I had an overwhelming urge to applaud her and say Hell yes! [out loud] As the video continued, it was like watching a broken heart slowly mend in 4 minutes and 36 seconds.

With everyone waiting for “the next best thing” in today’s world it’s hard when you’re NOT in love with someone that makes you believe Every. Single. Word. of “he’s just not that into you” was somehow written about your relationship.  How is it possible to be so close to and care about someone with your entire being, knowing them possibly as well or better than they know themselves and they still aren’t the one? Moving on feels like cheating. It feels like cheating on life and your nonexistent relationship.

Maybe they are your soul mate or maybe they are the most connected we have ever felt. The tragedy being, they don’t feel the same way. Perhaps this was Lacy’s way of closing this chapter in her life, by saying things that so many of us want to say and never get the chance to. We wish you nothing but love and happiness Lacy! I think you will be the song he skipped and figures
out later was fire!

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