Austin Jenckes premieres new single “In My Head”

Currently touring the country for his In My Head Tour, Austin recently put the finishing touches on his debut album which is set to release next spring. You could say Austin Jenckes is a man on the move.

With writing help from Lynn Hutton and Scott Stevens, Austin lends his soothing yet powerful voice to paint an all too familiar picture.  Wishing the one you long for was by your side, instead of just in your head taking up space. Memories that if not contained, can drive a man crazy.

“In My Head was a song I didn’t originally think of for myself when we wrote it. Once we went in the studio to demo it, I ended up singing that version & fell in love with the vibe & the story within the song.
It has such vivid imagery in the lyric that It feels like I’m in that moment every time we play it.”
Listen to the song here and fall in love with it as quickly as we did.


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