Hear Walker McGuire’s tribute to servicemen “They Call Me Doc”

Raised Rowdy contributor
Katelyn Law

It doesn’t have to be Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day to thank the true heroes of our country and appreciate the stories of sacrifice that they have made. Walker McGuire eloquently reminds us of this by sharing their tribute to US Navy Corpsman Shaun Bott in their song, “They Call Me Doc.”

“They Call Me Doc” retells the life that Bott lived oversees while working to triage victims. Bott returned home and suffered PTSD. He met Jordan Walker and Johnny McGuire four years ago through CreatiVets, an organization that encourages healing through creativity, and together they penned the song.

This song offers a vivid picture of what our men and women in the military go through to protect the freedom and liberties that we have in this country. As someone who currently has family serving oversees, the depth and honesty truly hit home. I challenge everyone who listens to this song to not get goosebumps.



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