Jenny Tolman is ready to rock and roll your country soul and you DAMN sure are gonna like it!

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder 

Take a listen to Jenny Tolman’s voice and you will instantly see why she is getting compared to some of country music’s most iconic females. Jenny grew up in Nashville with a father that was heavily involved in the music industry and even sang on the No Fences record with Garth Brooks.  This background as well as growing up in Nashville is what led her to find her sound (a rare occurrence due to so many moving to town).

Jenny’s newest release “Rock & Roll to My Country Soul” beckons back to the time of country music’s most vivid story tellers. She expresses “I hope that when people listen to this song, they feel like they can release whatever tension they’ve been holding onto and get excited by all the different shout outs they can recognize. There are so many legendary songs and people mentioned, that I hope it triggers great memories and creates even more good times to come!”

It does just that.  There are not many voices like Jenny’s left in country music and it is refreshing to hear her spin on classical styling. Some would call it having an old soul, but we just call it exactly what we are looking for in country music.

Jenny explains the origins of her newest single as  “I wrote Rock & Roll to My Country Soul with SophieSanders, and my producer, Dave Brainard. This was the first time the three of us had all written together, and we were throwing around different ideas, when I said this line- “You’re Jimmy Page, I’m Emmylou, but somehow I fit right with you”. I get compared to Emmylou Harris quite a bit, so I had had this line floating around for a while. They both loved it, especially Dave, since he was a long-haired rocker when he learned to play guitar! So, we ended up developing that first line into what is now, Rock & Roll to My Country Soul.”

Jenny has released a few other tracks recently but this one is the most powerful and I think the strongest representation for who she is in our country music world; a shining light paying homage to a bygone era.

Country music should be steering itself back to the storytellers and Jenny is one of the artists that has the voice and songwriting prowess to help write the ship. Check out “Rock & Roll to My Country Soul” and make sure you follow Jenny on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with when more of her great music will be released.

Find Jenny on her official website, or follow her on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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