Dylan Schneider releases music video for his newest catchy tune “How Does It Sound”

Raised Rowdy Contributor Bradley Curry

Dylan Schneider began his musical career by posting cover videos to YouTube. With his recent success in country music, he can now post music videos for his own songs and has done just that for his latest release “How Does It Sound.” These cover videos propelled Schneider to the next level and ultimately got him noticed by folks at Interscope Records, who signed him as the first-ever country artist at their label. Dylan is also signed to the independent country label Cold River Records. 

This charming, yet catchy track was released back in 2017 and features Luke Bryan style lyrics that many country fans will love. The music video begins with Schneider chatting with a pretty girl in a honky tonk bar where she eventually pulls him out to the dance floor.  The two continue their night on the roof of an F150, sitting up high looking out on the city. This video captures every emotion that Schneider wants you to experience while listening to this song and will certainly catch the eye of his fans, many of which happen to be female.

“How Does It Sound” will be a staple in his setlist and will definitely set the standard for his future projects. Schneider’s fall tour will continue as he heads out west, performing in California, New Mexico, and Colorado, further building his already large fan base. Follow him on Instagram @dylanschneidermusic and on Twitter @dylanschneider to stay up to date on his tour and new music!

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