Chad Bishop knows “Something Bout Being a Cowboy” and displays it in his latest single

Raised Rowdy Contributor Bradley Curry


Florida native Chad Bishop did just what lots of young Floridians did growing up; hunting, fishing, and playing baseball. Something else that spoke to him was music. With guys like Alan Jackson and Rhett Akins blaring in his car radio, he found inspiration and decided to ditch the ball glove for a guitar. At the age of just 15 years old, he wrote his first song and hasn’t stopped his pursuit at musical stardom since. His most recent project is his latest single “Something Bout Being a Cowboy” that Bishop just released on Youtube as a raw, acoustic version that fans will love. “The recording itself is just of my guitar and me and we recorded it in my basement so I don’t think you can get any more raw than that” he says.

One thing Bishop continues to carry on throughout adulthood is his love for the outdoors where he says that he finds lots of inspiration for new music. “Being in the outdoors really clears my mind and gives me room to think. I’ve come up with a lot of song ideas while sitting in a deer stand, especially on those slow mornings.”

Being in the Florida wilderness will be a little more difficult for Bishop, who now resides in Nashville where he can often be found up and down Lower Broadway where he cuts his teeth in the bars looking to get noticed. Every artist in Nashville likely has a favorite place to perform, and Bishop’s happens to be Tin Roof Revival, a popular bar that many country music’s new faces can be found performing at. “All the guys there (Tin Roof Revival) have treated me like family since I moved to town. Plus you’re encouraged to play actual country music there and that’s something I can get behind” says Bishop.

Chad Bishop’s rough around the edges persona and his love for pure country music is what will set him above the rest in the coming days. He will be busy for the next year as he will be I the studio recording and putting new music out. He will also be traveling throughout the South this fall through next spring, promoting his new music. To stay up to date on his latest music and tour dates, follow him on Instagram and Twitter 

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