Faren Rachel’s new single “On Paper” let’s us see a side of her we are not used to…

Nick Tressler
Raised Rowdy Founder and a bit of a hell-raiser

Faren Rachels is known in the country music scene as one of the new crop of tough skinned, country, bad ass women.  So far, she has given us songs that are whiskey soaked and forward topical. These songs have helped (along with her social media escapades) to build this persona we have come to know to be Faren. 

When you hear that Faren’s newest release is a love song you might be wondering how it would fit into her musical mix. Having heard “On Paper” in her live set previously, it made perfect sense to me. 

On Paper speaks of a relationship that no one really approved of;  a love that looks rough around the edges to someone on the outside looking in. It speaks of a tale of a guy, who your friends and family might not think is up to your standards, but loves you with his whole heart.

So give “On Paper” a listen and find out that, at the end of the day, love is the most significant factor in a relationship. 


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