Ryan McDonald
Staff writer


There are times in your life when you hear a song and become hopelessly, yet satisfyingly, hooked from the onset of the first banjo pluck.  Thankfully, I’m unashamed to admit this has happened to me more often than not when it comes to the folk band Goodnight, Texas.  Their video released yesterday for “Homesick”, off of the highly acclaimed Conductor album brilliantly illustrates the how easily a three piece acoustic song filmed single-shot can pull you in.

There are captive moments during the video where the camera seemingly struggles as hard to focus as singer Avi Vinocur does to get his feelings into song. Vinocur’s subtle, yet uniquely grassroots vocals paint a sorrowful tale of longing as he powers through the story with a wooded California backdrop.

I think of you at night

When the world is absent light

When everything’s so quiet and so lonesome

You’re the cigarette

That I just can’t kick

I’m homesick

I harbor no doubt that someday Goodnight, Texas will have the opportunity to make a big, colorful, bold video with no expense saved.  I think in the face of that opportunity though, the guys will continue to ensure that the music and the story, not the theatrics, will take center stage.



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